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Fluffy Warm
Stuffing It
Best Buddies
First Birthday
April 8, 2000
All the newest pictures we post of all four cats will be posted here, and on subsequent pages.  Don't forget to check the originals (links below) if you haven't seen them.
The Three Amigos
These pictures aren't the best quality -- the originals didn't come out too well, and I did some fooling around with imager, which made them better.
Willy's first bath
Nap Time
Baby Tigger
Shadow's First Birthday
         July 9, 2000
Covered Up
(Tigger 1996)
A little small, don't you think?
(Tigger 1997)
Double Catnip Attack!
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Fluffy Warm PussStuffing ItBest BuddiesFirst Birthay
April 8, 2000The Three AmigosThe Three Amigos againBaby TiggerBaby Tigger again
Willy's First BathNap TimeNap Time 2
Twins?Covered Up
(Tigger 1996)A little small, don't you think?
(Tigger 1997)Hmm, cake!Gone Fishin'Got Something!Hmm, Catnip!Willy-In-The-WindowDouble Catnip Attack!