Willy's story:  Willy was born sometime around the first week in April 1999.  He, and his brothers and sisters were found as strays in Ewing, NJ, and brought to the Stray Katz Animal Rescue shelter where they could be kept until adopted.  In May, I was looking for another companion for the family, after losing Gandalf, and had my eyes set on a cute black kitten, which Stray Katz had at PetSmart in Lawrenceville.
However, when I went to fill out the paperwork, a new batch had replaced the ones I had looked at before.  Willy, and a couple of his siblings were there.  His siblings were playing, but Willy was trying to hide -- he was very scared, and must have suffered some trauma while a stray, because he is still afraid of strangers, although he acts just like a typical trouble-making kitten at home.
The Stray Katz people had fallen in love with the little scaredy cat, and had named him Wheatie.   He just seemed so afraid, and looked to need a really good home, so I decided to adopt him instead.  Now he's our Sweetie Wheatie and Silly Willy.

UPDATE 4/3/2015:
It is with a heavy heart and much sadness that I write to say that Willy passed away last evening. He had suffered from a heart condition for the last several years of his life, but he left us as full of life and as energetic as he ever was. He died on his own without any pain or suffering. I am forever grateful for the 16 years of joy Willy brought to me and my family. He will be forever missed.

My farewell to Willy
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First  Day Home
Memorial Day Weekend 1999
Sleepy time kitten
Falling into the cracks!
I'm stuffed!
Cat in the bag
That's one big bed bug!
Attack of the Orange Dust Monster
Moving up in the world (or closet)
Scarecrow Bob
Sept. 1999
Look at all the stuff Santa brought!
First Christmas 1999
Boxspring Willy
It seems Willy and Shadow have made themselves a nest in the boxspring for our bed.  They ripped the black covering from the bottom so they can crawl up inside.  I was happy this picture came out; I had stuck the camera up inside the boxspring and snapped a shot off.  This is actually the only picture I took while he was in there.
Peek-A-Boo!Sleepy time KittenFalling into the cracks!I'm stuffed!Cat in the bagAttack of the orange dust monster
One big bed bugOne big bed bug againScarecrow Bob
Sept. 1999Look at all the stuff Santa brought!
First Christmas 1999Moving up in the world (or closet)Boxspring Willy