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When you complete The Path to Glory quest by talking to Sir Tydus in Ascalon city (Pre-Searing), he will inform you that the offensive against the Charr will begin that night. He will ask if you are ready to join the Vanguard in the fight against the Charr, or if you need more time to decide. As long as you have a Primary and Secondary Profession, you can elect to go forward and start your training in Ascalon Academy (even if you're a Level One character). However, it is recommended that you complete all quests available in Pre-Searing, and level up to at least Seven or Eight before you begin the training.

Once you agree to join the Vanguard, you cannot change your mind, and there's no way to return to the Pre-Searing Tutorial world unless you create an entirely new RPG character. Ascalon Academy is the first connected storyline "Mission" you will undertake in Guild Wars, as opposed to the separate and individual quests you have thus far completed. Your first step along the path to becoming a member of the Vanguard is a Player vs. Player battle with other recruits. Your team's job is to log more kills against the other team than they log against you within a specified time period (about 3 minutes). You will be teamed with at least one other player character and two henchman (who will be available to join you on other quests and missions in the Post-Searing world). You team can be formed with a max of four player characters, including yourself, depending on how many others agreed to the training at the same time you did. You will be able to earn experience and faction (which is shared among your team members) for each kill logged against the opposing team. There is no other benefit to winning nor penalty for losing this part of the mission. If you log out, or loose your connection to the game before or during this portion of the mission, you will not have the opportunity to repeat it - once you log back in, you will be automatically advanced to the second half of the mission, and be joined by three henchman.
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The real fun for your character will begin now, as you explore the devastated world of Post-Searing. Some of the world will have a slight familiarity to it as you recall the former glory of the world you once walked upon in the Pre-Searing world. Much of the old stomping grounds are now inaccessable, however you will have the opportunity to explore the vast regions of the Shiverpeak Mountins, the Crystal Desert, and Ascalon's old enemy, the Kingdom of Kryta. There are dozens of new quests and missions for you to undertake to gain Experience, Skills, and better weapons and armor. To aid you in your journeys we are compiling the list of those quests and missions to help you fully enjoy exploring this new world.
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Following your initiation to the Player vs. Player arena, you will enter the second and final phase of your training. In this part of the mission, Prince Rurik himself will join your team of four in an effort to hunt down and kill the Grawl boss Vaatlar Doomtooth. Once again, you will share experience among your team for all kills logged, and this time, be able to pick up some extra loot as well. Once your team successfully finds and kills Vaatlar, your training will come to an end. You will then be treated to a brief cinematic showing how the Charr were able to break through the Great Wall and launch their invasion of Tyria, which results in the catastrophic Searing. After the cinematic, you and your team will be returned to the very first place you were introduced to when first creating a character for the game. However, instead of a Town Crier to meet you with the lush and green surroundings of the tranquil city of Ascalon, you are greeted by Captain Osiric in the dark and ruined world of Post-Searing. Osiric will offer you the first quest of this new phase of the game.
Helpful Hints & Tips:
The first thing you want to do prior to entering the Mission is to make sure you have the proper skills equipped. Once the mission begins, you will not have the opportunity to change your skills until you re-enter the city of Ascalon in the Post-Searing world. Make sure you have an ample supply of healing skills for yourself and your party. The Resurrection Signet is not vital as you are Rezzed automatically in both phases of the mission, but that does take time, so you may want to have it in reserve if necessary.

As mentioned above, if you skip the PvP portion of the mission, you will have no way to go back to replay it, so it's worth the time to get in some action if you are new to PvP. At the very least, pick up some extra XP on your way to the Post-Searing part of the game, which will be a high priority, as you will encounter many higher level and tougher foes. Plus it's always fun to pound on some of the other real world players in the game as opposed to NPC's. In addition, you will be able to revist this area in Post-Searing for some more PvP action with other player characters (up to a max of level 10).

The best way to get through this mission, especially if it's your first run, is to complete the PvP phase, then log out after the intro to the second phase begins. Once you log back in, you will pick up at the intro to the second phase once again, but this time be matched with only henchman. This comes in handy after the Mission is completed, that way you are free to view the cinematic, then explore the Post-Searing world at your leisure. You will want to do this as if you remain in a party with player characters. they may want to skip the cinematic and once in Post-Searing head directly for the city, not allowing any new players to this part of the game to get the first quest from Captain Osiric (worth a nice 500 XP), and get acclimated to the new surroundings. It's unfortunate that many vets to the mission (and those who just don't care enough to take the time to enjoy every aspect of the game) can ruin the experience for others who do, and there's no way to leave the party until you reach Post-Searing Ascalon without logging out of the game.

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