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Guild Wars Quest Logs and Documents

As the title says, here we will have PDF files that list all the available Quests in the Guild Wars
Campaigns and Eye of the North Expansion. We also have mission guides for each as well.

We are still in the process of working on logs and guides for each of the campaigns and the expansion,
and this area will be updated as we get the guides completed, so keep checking back, and keep
an eye on our Update Page to see when we have the latest log or guide published.

The links on the left will open the PDF documents in a new window. For a recap of the information,
Check out the Info Page here.
Ruins of Ascalon Quests
North Shiverpeaks Quests
Kryta Quests
Maguuma Jungle and
  Crystal Desert Quests

Ruins of Ascalon Missions
North Shiverpeaks Missions
North Kryta Missions
Maguuma Jungle Missions

War in Kryta Flowchart

Shing Jea Island QuestsKaineng City Quests
Jade Sea Quests
Echovald Forest Quests

Shing Jea Island Missions

Istan Quests

Istan Missions

Eye of the North:
Far Shiverpeaks Quests

Far Shiverpeaks Missions

Holiday Quests