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Listed here are the resources consulted for the historical information contained on the Real Millennium Group Web Site. We have tried to list as much information as possible about the source to make it easier to find should you wish to use it.
Before we list the sources, there are a couple of things we want to mention about some of the information contained on the site, in particular, involving which years AD 1 and 1 BC are in the Roman Era.

Through the course of our research, we have come across several differing accounts of which year was dubbed AD 1 and which year was dubbed 1 BC. On the Millennium History page we have said that Dionysius estimated Christ's birth year to be 753 A.U.C. (From the founding of Rome). Some of the sources we have used have said that this year is 1 BC, while others say it is AD 1.  We have also come across a source that says Dionysius estimated Christ's birthday as occurring in March of 754 A.U.C.

It is now generally accepted that Christ was born in March, and not on December 25th (see tidbits page). It is also agreed that Dionysius got the year wrong. Most historians now look to the year 750 A.U.C. as Christ's birth year. Of course this is irrelevant to our current chronology as the years have been reckoned from Dionysius' miscalculation.

Also irrelevant is the discrepancy in which year became AD 1. Whatever year is was, that is the year that started our current chronology, and the year preceding that one became 1 BC. We have chosen to believe that 753 is 1 BC and 754 is AD 1. We may, of course, be incorrect, since AD (anno Domini) means year of our Lord, it would make more sense to have Christ's birth year as the first year of our Lord.
What this all boils down to is did Dionysius know at the time that Christ was born in March, or did he believe the church designated date? If he did know that Christ was born in March, did he pick 754 to start the AD system because the church date fell so late in the year? Or did he truly estimate 754 to be the birth year as that one source stated?

We have chosen to believe the 753/1 BC-754/AD 1 estimate because the number of sources using this estimate outnumbered the others. The only way to have a definitive answer for this discrepancy is to find some work written by Dionysius himself, or a reliable work about him that states outright the dates he used to start the Christian Era.

Before anyone gets confused about this, it still means that the century and millennium (and technical decade) still do not begin until 2001. No matter what year became AD 1, our system is still based on the 2 BC, 1 BC, AD 1, AD 2, pattern. All this means is that we don't know, as of yet, which year A.U.C. the year AD 2000 is. It could be 2753 A.U.C. or 2754 A.U.C. I only mention this because I would like to have the answer for the record and my own satisfaction.

If anyone knows of such a source, where we could find the definitive answer, we would certainly welcome the information.
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The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia

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Magazines & other sources:
Renaissance Magazine, Phantom Press Publications, Massachusetts, various issues

National Geographic Magazine, March 1999 issue

The History Channel, The Learning Channel, and The Discovery Channel

Medieval Sourcebook
Catholic Encyclopedia
Britannica On-Line
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