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The following is a list of Websites, Supporters, and other info that was listed on the MSN Community for those who stated and supported the fact that the Millennium and Century began in 2001.
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Even though this is an archive, we will still update it with new information as we get it. To have your site or information listed on this page, please contact us.
U.S. Naval Observatory - The US official Time-keepers, so what they say goes. They say 2001.

Millennium Tees - One of the first sites we came across when starting up ours. Has some award winning Millennium T-shirts available.

Shattering Popular Belief - Facts and Info

Millennium Philadelphia - Info about Philadelphia's Millennium Celebration -- in 2001! News Article

Millennium Mistaken (deliberately?) - Supporting Diatribe

Real Millennium Group T-shirts - Don't forget about our Millennium 2001 shirts. Supplies are running out!

The New Millennium Starts 2001 - Site created in Germany

North American Indian History - A ton of stuff not only about the American Indian people, but about the real millennium, and over 400 links to news articles, sites, and just about everything on the millennium and the surrounding controversy.

The Easton Press - Gasp!! A business that actually supports the truth - who would have thought? Sells leather bound books

Greenwich 2001 - The WORLD'S time-keepers. The Millennium offically starts here, so any argument against 2001 ends here!

Chicago 2001 - Chicago knows when to party!!

Denver's Millennium Celebration - Yet another city who plans to party at the right time. We don't know if they have a web site about it, but you can read a news article about the celebration in the Message Board section of our other community.

Fox & Roach Realtors - Real Estate company affilitated with Prudential.  They just sent out a refrigerator magnetic calendar with the front saying "2001 - A New Century Begins!"  Hope is not lost!! Here's the address of their Princeton Junction Office: 44 Princeton-Hightstown Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550.  Phone: (609) 799-2022.

Millennium Mania Mischief - Basic facts, plus Info and links to various places to send informative letters to the media. From supporter Dick Marston

That Pesky Millennium Debate - Facts and Info. From supporter Trystan830 - see new web site and links on our site map under Friends' and Members' sites.

The True Millennium - More T-shirts, and some brief supporting facts. Don't remember who made the site - was hosted on as a free web page.
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WAKE-UP the MEDIA - 'Nuff Said. From supporter Steve (AOL member smkcpa)

Valve - Just because anyone can be a supporter and client!